Post 11- Christine- 1950’s

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William Golden started out as a lithographer and a photo engraver at the age of 17. Moved onto promotional designer for Hearts Journal American. Worked for the US Office of War, making information posters and publications during World War II. Yet his big break was yet to come and change the whole game plan on design in America.

Golden secured himself a job at CBS (Columbia Broadcasting System), as a Creative Director. From his previous experience working in advertising Golden created a new logo for CBS known as the ‘eye’. Golden had done eye designs before but new that this design could go corporate. He pushed other corporations to spend more money on advertising so that CBS would have a new logo, promoting a fresh image of CBS, respect and responsibility. This way of thinking, promoting and design ethic set an entirely new standard for America design.

Golden designed the eye to be balanced, and used good proportions between the outer circle, the inner circle, and the white space around the “pupil” of the eye. In many advertisements, the white space in the design functioned as negative space while the outer and inner circles were overlaid with a photograph or still-frame from a television program. This is one way in which the simple Eye design could be used over and over to imprint the Eye into the American consciousness as a symbol of CBS, and to tie the CBS corporate identity to the programs that aired on CBS.


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