Jake – Post 12: Otto Treumann

Posted: May 29, 2012 by jakecheeseman in Uncategorized

Otto Treumann (1919-2001) fled his home in Furth, Germany with his Jewish family in order to escape Nazi Persecution. His work is primarily influenced by Swiss typography and the Bauhaus, which is distinguished by an easy-to-read combination of visual elements and a revolutionary usage of colour. These benefit from his wide knowledge of printing techniques, which he acquired during World War II when he forged documents for the resistance.

Treumann is regarded as a major pioneer in the modernization of graphic design in the Netherlands after World War II, achieving top quality and innovation in the arena where economics meets culture.









The logos that Otto Treumann designed are very simple, yet very sophisticated. They hold strong geometric forms and are timeless, leaving a lasting mark in the audiences’ memory.

His work has proved to be very suitable for house styles and logos, including those for

– Wolters Noordhoff the publishers,

–  Kroller-Muller Museum,

–  Royal institute of Dutch Architects and El Al Airlines.

He also designed posters for the Industries Fair in Utrecht,

– The Rotterdam Ahoy,

– And Tattoo in Delft.

Many outstanding posters in many different approaches.

Awards in the 1960’s

1960 Received Gerrit Jan Thiemeprijs, Dutch publisher’s award

1966 Made an honorary member of Graphic Designers Association of Israel









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