Stefan Sagmeister: Typographer – by ciAnnait

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Stephen Sagmeister, and his double

Stephan Sagmeister is a graphic designer who can also be said to be a typographer. Much of his work leans heavily on typography to convey its message.

For Sagmeister the medium quite literally is the message, and sometimes the only appropriate medium is floral…

…or bananas

Banana wall


Much of Sagmeisters work has been in poster form, and perhaps this is why typography has become such a central part of his design work. Words do convey a great deal of meaning, and the way they are laid out, the type face used, the material used to make the words, and their setting are all important elements of Sagmeisters work.


Happiness is a warm gun

Even this image created to celebrate the apostrophie, utilises nothing but typographic elements.

“the apostrophie is used to eliminate a letter. Hence a warm gun”

A distinct part of Sagmeisters work is his somewhat dark dry humour, which is conveyed throughout his work. Yet, while his work has often been controversial he is an optimist, and expresses some very thoughtful sentiments.

Image made entirely of coins, from the typographic book ‘Things I have learned in my life so far’.

Sagmeister is a man who lives up to his name. ‘Sag’ translates from German as ‘say’, and ‘meister’ as ‘master’. He is a master in communicating through image, and typography, text and images that speak.

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