Post 12, Kay : Sgt. Peppers

Posted: June 5, 2012 by kaybeebaby1 in Uncategorized

The Beatles hired Peter Blake to create the album cover for there “St Pepper and the lonely hearts club band” album , which turned out to be a huge success and the style has been imitated by lots of artists ever since.

The idea of the album cover was to show all the celebrities The Beatles would like to see at their own concert and Peter Blake managed to cramp all of their suggestions into the little artwork – keeping in mind that they had to leave out a few favourites like Jesus and Hitler as it was causing to much of a sh*t storm at the time.

The artwork itself was very much influenced by the very famous psychedelic movement – the soul manifesting movement. Saying that, the cover actually brings the feeling across to the audience that they are hallucinating like being on synthetic drugs themselves (i.e. LSD a very famous drug in the 60’s especially in the music scene), and this feeling was generally achieved by using a display of abstract illustrations and the use of multiple bright colours.

The Beatles along with Bob Dylan were the two major acts to bring the psychedelic rock across to the nation and as mentioned earlier, it was the time of synthetic drugs the band started to experiment with. In various songs you hear drug related comments or title tracks like DAY TRIPPER, I FEEL FINE and TOMORROW NEVER KNOWS… Also the music itself related very much to the feeling of being exposed to LSD.

Despite that the use of any drug is not good we all can agree that it definitely left an amazing mark back on the music and formed something so wonderful, which will live on forever! And so The Beatles did!

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  1. kinnit says:

    How about Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds?! I think this might be a reference to something drug related, but I’m not sure. hmm. great post Kay

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