POST 14: STACY 1980s

Posted: June 11, 2012 by stacypollard in Uncategorized

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he time of space shuttle flights begin, high temp super conductors developed, glasnot policy implemented by gorbachev, sportswear, contemporary japanese design, androgyny, madonna, slogan t shirts, printed fabrics, wolfgang weingart, katherine mccoy, cranbrook school of art poster, ’emigre’ magazine,zuzana licko, rudy vanderLans, ‘the face’- neville brody, bartle bogle hegarty, canon cb10, classic apple computer, ‘hommes’, ikko tanaka ‘noh’, grapus- design collective, miehe, nigel rose, gert dumbar, gunter rambow, peret, pere torrent, toscani, united colors of benetton, nathalie du pasquier memphis textiles, susan collier and sarah campbell textiles, mickey mouse phone, Frutiger, Alexander Jordan, Garald Paris Clavel, Pierre Bernard, Alain Le Quernec, Tibor Kalman, new functionalism, octavo, derek birdcall, atari, apple

  1. kaybeebaby1 says:

    kay – wolfgang weingart

  2. kahraokeefe says:

    rudy vanderLans

  3. jakecheeseman says:

    Tibor Kalman, thanks

  4. natkiryk says:

    Neville brody

  5. kinnit says:

    Memphis designs ta

  6. christineslabb says:

    Christine- apple

  7. moniquemwilson says:


  8. mypalmick says:

    NAOKI:contemporary japanese design for me,please

  9. Odin says:

    Zuzana Licko please

  10. crystalspencer30 says:

    United Colours of beneton cheers

  11. moniquemwilson says:

    The Face – Neville Brody – 3rd change 😀

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