post 13 ~ STICKY FINGERS Album Cover 1970’s

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Sticky Fingers is the ninth British and 11th American studio album by English rock band The Rolling Stones, released in April 1971.

The album’s artwork emphasizes the suggestive innuendo of the Sticky Fingers title, showing a close-up of a jeans-clad male crotch; the cover of the original (vinyl) release featured a working zipper and mock belt buckle that opened to reveal cotton briefs. The vinyl release displayed the band’s name and album title along the image of the belt; behind the zipper the white briefs were seemingly rubber stamped in gold with the name of American pop artistAndy Warhol, below which read “THIS PHOTOGRAPH MAY NOT BE–ETC.” While the artwork was conceived by Warhol, photography was by Billy Name and design by Craig Braun. A second pressing altered the covered slightly — the zipper was damaging records in transit — and later pressings dispensed with an actual zipper in favour of a photograph.

At a party in New York in 1969, Andy Warhol casually mentioned to Mick Jagger that it would be amusing to have a real zipper on an album cover. A year later, Jagger proposed the idea for Sticky Fingers,the first release on the new Rolling Stones label. This is the letter he wrote to Warhol.
Sticky Fingers also debuted the famous Stones logo: a caricature of Jagger’s lips and tongue. The heavily merchandised image was soon incorporated into pendants, key chains, belt buckles and even tattoos. In 1970, while still a student at the RCA, John Pasche designed this logo for the Rolling Stones that has become one of the most recognised pieces of graphic design in the world. He was paid £50. Today, the V&A Museum announced that it had bought the original artwork for $92,500.

One of the first jobs to use the logo was the sleeve for the Sticky Fingers album. Pasche was given the Warhol artwork and asked to complete the packaging by designing the inner sleeve, for which he used his new logo. Unfortunately, because of Warhol’s involvement, it is Warhol, rather than Pasche, who is often credited with the design of the logo.

“The Rolling Stones ‘Tongue’ is one of the first examples of a group using branding and it has become arguably the world’s most famous rock logo.

 Undoubtably one of the most famous album covers ever. In 2003,Sticky Fingers was listed as #63 on Rolling Stone magazine’s 500 Greatest Albums of All Time. In 2003, the TV network VH1 named Sticky Fingers the “No. 1 Greatest Album Cover” of all time.

Awesome Album Covers: Sticky Fingers


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