Post 3: Top ten iconic Australian brands – by ciAnnait

Posted: June 19, 2012 by kinnit in Uncategorized

Most iconic brands are famous for not only their colour and shape, but the associations they evoke. The most iconic stick in the Australian consciousness as evoking a distinctly Aussie feel. Here are my top ten iconic Aussie brand logos:

1 The tagline says it all. Sniff.
2 Knowing nothing of Australian culture as I grew up in England, Fosters advertising campaigns filled in the gaps, however misleadingly so.
3 Ovi

4 A pillar
5 Comfort food
6 The Australian lifestyle and values in one logo
7 Familiar
8 The country itself, cowboy redneck through and through
9 Something taking the world by storm

10 The other side of Australian life. Representing multiculturalism.

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