Post 11: type to last

Posted: June 23, 2012 by paulalaki in Uncategorized


Designed by: Giambattista in 1798. Giambattista who throughout his lifetime designed 140 roman typefaces as well as over 115 script typefaces, many of which are still used today including Bodoni.

The typeface Bodoni is one of my top five favourite typefaces, I love the classy old fashioned charm it has. Though if used in the right way can look high end and ultra modern. In my own opinion these typeface works best in a large format on posters and front cover magazines as it draws the eye and gives the public the feeling of importance, elegances and fashion unlike say Times New Roman which leaves the feeling of importance but very very business like.


The typeface features fine serifs against thick strong vertical lines, it is considered a timeless type face and is often used in high end fashion magazines such as Vignelli because it draws the eyes and adds style to the piece.


I hope for the future that this typeface will continue to live on through graphic design and that designers will always find ways to keep this typeface looking modern fresh and new.






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