Post 6 POPaganda

Posted: June 23, 2012 by paulalaki in Uncategorized

The insightful art of popular media:

Ron English was born in 1966 Dallas Texas.

He is an artist who has been exhibiting in museums across the world for over twenty years, he has worked across media from sculpture, to oil painting even billboard media.

His art is a reflection on the effects of popular media he takes well known media icons such as the Mickey mouse or the Ronald McDonald He warps the images placing his own political views onto the piece transforming the public to intimate and the universal to specific. Recently his work and commentary have featured in the infamous hit movie “Supersize Me” where he took the sadly iconic image of the twenty first century Ronald McDonald morphing it into a grotesque short fat Jabba the Hut type character.

Ron English has referenced the great masters such as Warhol, Pollack and Picasso, combined with irreverent cherry-picking of populist totems from fast food to cartoons, English creates complex running narratives of his many alter-egos butting headfirst into the Grand Illusion, where unstated cultural norms are exposed and analyzed. This is art that processes the visual touchstones of modern culture into a questioning voice that demands dialog with the viewer on what it means to be alive right now.

On a personal level I have found it hard to decide if I like his work or not, on some levels it appeals to my sense of fun and humor in regards to his work with Mickey mouse, the Simpsons and the current US president Barak Obma, but some I find to be highly disturbing and perhaps a little upsetting such as the McDonalds Supersize me and the Monroe collection, which is why I leave it up to you to decide with these images.




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